​Welcome to prexma GmbH, your partner for marketing consulting and digital transformation solutions in India and Germany. With our extensive experience in creating and implementing successful marketing and business development services, we act as a facilitator for our clients even after a successful market entry.

We specialize in providing tailored strategies for MSMEs, Government Institutions, and Public Sector companies, helping them to optimize marketing investments, streamline communication strategies, and develop new markets. Our portfolio and project management services ensure that your business goals are met efficiently, while our team of IT experts design and develop IT infrastructure upgrades for digital transformation.

At Prexma, we accompany you at every step of your business establishment and operations, helping you to successfully scale your business. Our long-term experience in the industry allows us to provide ongoing support even after the completion of projects, ensuring that you continue to achieve success in the long run.

We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with expanding your business to new international markets. With a team of experienced consultants and business advisors, we can act as your dedicated business representatives in Germany and India.

Our end-to-end support services begin with company registration and extend to managing your day-to-day operations, marketing, sales, and logistics services. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs and ensure a smooth transition into new markets.

We don’t just develop strategies and solutions in our offices in Germany and India, we also implement and service them on-site. Our international network of partners enables us to provide a range of solutions to our clients worldwide. As an owner and experience-driven network of professionals, we continuously reinvent ourselves to stay up to date with our customers‘ demands.

Our focus is always on providing high-quality service and delivering measurable results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business expansion plans and help you achieve success in new markets.